The building at Steenschuur 11 has been a residential property pretty much since the 15th century. The piscina at the national monument is quite exceptional for a private residence. This niche in the wall, in which a basin could be fitted, was introduced for private devotion: the practice of one’s faith at home.

The church’s creation of a meeting room in the building around 1970 added a religious touch. The so-called Church of the Resurrection left Steenschuur in 2007. After more than four years of being unoccupied, the building was repurposed for residential and office use.

In 2016, following extensive renovations, Boutique Hotel Steenhof Suites opens its doors at the premises at Steenschuur 11.

Because we are proud of our exclusive hotel, and equally proud of its history, we created a special page on Wikipedia where you can read up on its full history: ‘t  Bruggehoofd.